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You might find it interesting to know the six basic types of web sites proliferating on the internet. It is through this attempt to isolate and clearly identify the types of sites we stumble across on our daily surfing and searching that you may be able to take the best of the best of these types, mix and match their various features so as to present your web site in a more definable and user-friendly, and yes, profitable format. So let's get started.

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How to Earn from H2i Income Opportunity

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What is Wisdom?

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1. INFORMATION ONLY - Information web sites are typified by those that are solid gold context rich. These types of web sites offer nothing but pure information. They sell nothing. At least not to the visitor. Information only sites can be sites offering free items as well as where to find free items, i.e.; the information. Sites in this category are always supported by those advertisers anxious to place their text or banner links in front of the eyeballs of those people seeking information that is relevant or germane to the interest of the advertiser.

For example, and all search engines started this way, by the way, a visitor who accesses a search engine looking for a particular book will quite often find themselves staring at an animated banner offering books or other titles in the genre.

2. COMMERCIAL ONLY - These web sites exist for the sole purpose of selling something, a product or a service, or an opportunity. These sites are not advertiser supported. They are indeed the advertiser in and of themselves.

3. BUSINESS SUPPORT - These kind of sites typically support and bolster the efforts of the marketing department of those businesses who wish to provide more information to their prospective customers in an environment which enables the customer to select from the information they seek and examine it in detail. Everything from manufacturing specifications to engineering schematics to 3-D animated display of various products and their features are presented on these types of web sites. These sites further are supported through the business presenting the material exclusively.

4. ENTERTAINMENT SITES - These sites are purely for the fun, game and enjoyment that the internet can bring to a monitor near you. Entertainment sites are not only ad supported by advertisers seeking to reach the demographics the site attracts, but also are typically commercial oriented as well. In other words, entertainment sites very frequently offer various games and other entertainment devices for sale at the site.

5. INFORMATION/COMMERCIAL SITES - Okay - you got me. This really is a combination of the first two. But, it's appropriately placed on this list of five basics because it is so prevalent. After all, it's the valuable content information that inspires the visitor. Once the visitor is there, why not sell them the product, the service, or the opportunity to which the information applies.

6. FREE SERVICES - Free services web sites are quickly growing in popularity - These sites almost always offer web marketers valuable tools without having to install any special programming script on their servers or downloading programs. Examples include free auto-responders, free page stat tracking, free linking networks, free banner traders like, free direct submitting, free merchant account processing, etc. Sites of this type are always ad supported and may even require the service user to trade banner ad space that the service provider then sells.

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You can take an information only based type web site and very quickly turn it into an info/commercial site, and while you're at it, why not seek out those advertisers who wish to reach the visitors your site attracts and support the web sites efforts with even more revenue from these hopeful advertisers. For fun and profit mix and match all you want - there are NO RULES!