How to Keep the Project Construction Work on Schedule

Successfully completing any construction project on time and in budget is dependent on a number of different factors. If each of these factors align as they should you will find that the project goes much more smoothly.  Read More


Agotech Global Solutions Limited is an advance Technological Solution on Engineering, Business and Information Technology, a unique competency based computer and Business Management Training.

It possessed the ability to grow opportunities on Technological advancement by defining the value of how to design new Technological infrastructure.

Solution to SMS spoofing

SMS spoofing is an activity where people change the originating information on a text sent via the short message service (SMS) system used with cell phones, personal digital assistants, and similar devices. There are entirely legitimate reasons to spoof text messages, as well as less legitimate ones and the legality of this practice varies worldwide Read More

Choosing a Payment Service Provider

If you begin an online retail business, you will likely need to accept credit cards, the most widely accepted form of payment online. To do so, you will need to either have your own merchant account or select a third party payment processor. Many online retailers opt for the latter option because it provides conveniences and ease when accepting payment from customers. Read More

Mistakes To Avoid When Using Web Templates

Website templates are very affordable and they save you a lot of effort and time when you want to create a new layout for your website. However, a lot of people make mistakes in the process of choosing and using a web template and end up with something that was unlike the image they had in mind.  Read More

How to Earn from H2i Income Opportunity

wealth for life time, you have come to the right source for the knowledge.

What we need to make money is the application of the right knowledge, which is known as wisdom.

What is Wisdom?

Wisdom is the ability to know what to do every time and actually doing them.

Wisdom is the rightful application of knowledge.  Application of the right knowledge is real power and its the key to wealth. Read More

As the name implies AGOTECH
G=Get to it (Growth)
TECH=Technological solution

We are IT experts, computer installation services, Repair/maintenance, computer trainer, seminal, facilitator on Entrepreneurs development, E-currency trading, website designing/development, IT Career Consultant, Business Career Consultant etc. 

We provide quality innovative education and training information Technology.  We establish long term relationships with our clients helping them improve their understanding on IT and Business management by providing excellence and flexible training, seminar, workshops, using e-commerce technology.

Our training programmes are creatively designed to deliver skills that are immediately relevant to current industry practices. Our instruction/facilitators are specialists in their respective fields with proven tracks ethic and their extensive hands-on industry experience which keep them at the cutting edge of technology.

Agotech do not stop at providing the best available training, we go ahead to support our clients/grandaunts to ensure that the skills acquired are immediately put to use.  Our programmes are designed for people who are already self-employed in computer related businesses or intend to start up on their own soonest.  As a result, our curriculum includes courses on small business start-up and management as well as mentorship support.

We realize however, that there are people who for some reasons cannot start up on their own.  For this class of people, we assist them to raise capital through online investment, which can generate free cash. 

Agotech also at the fast track to eradicate toxic mentalities that exist as hindrance in business, because lack of investment mentality has keep many people in the place of poverty, lack and hardship.

Anyone who desires to become rich and wealthy must make a conscious effort to develop the mindset required to make it happen.


1. To unlock the readily available but often unseen money making resources on the Internet.

2. To dissuade information age Internet users from loafing about on the net and use their precious time wisely in earning tremendous income online.

3. To expose Job seekers and the underemployed to vast opportunities on the Internet to earn huge steady income.

4. To provide an educational environment for rare IT skill acquisition for discerning the wealth making potentials on the Internet.

5. To customized solutions to customers’ problem on Information Technology and Business Management.

6. To foster wealth creation by training and supporting a new generation of digital entrepreneur.

7. To empower target communities at the grassroots with skills and knowledge to address their problems especially educational training and other social barriers.

8. To facilitate the creation of an enabling environment for holistic growth and development of schools in the community.

9. To mobilize the communities and the target groups toward self-help initiatives for them to gain their dignity.

10. To initiate and develop educational and vocational training projects where the target group actively participate in their design and successful implementation.

11. To mobilze material, financial and technical support in form of grants, gifts and technical expertise support within and outside the nation for the advancement of the organizational programs and projects.

12. The modus-Operandi of AGSL is to work in conjunction with other organizations in order to avoid the duplication of service in the face of scarce resources and entrance effective management of project work to achieve sustain ability.


To create opportunities that guarantee financial independence and impact sound knowledge through our unending avalanche of resources.
Also to ensure all mankind, become computer literate.